Roof Top Solutions

Economizer Controller from BELIMO with IOT Zip Pro

ZipPRO - Monitor and Control Economizer

Works with Belimo Zip Economizer Control

  • Plugs into Comm module - no additional wiring or power required.
  • Communicates information to cloud over Wi-Fi.
  • Communicates with local sensors for outdoor air temperature, humidity and pressure over low power blue tooth.
  • Detects and Reports Multiple RTU faults
  • Wireless Power Measurement.
  • Wireless CO2 for Demand Control Ventilation.
  • Dewpoint based Economizer Control for in space moisture
  • Maintains positive Building Pressure


  • Outdoor Air Multi-Sensor
  • PressurePro


  • Title 24 Approved
  • Easy To install after market economizer monitor
  • Low Voltage Class 2 wiring
  • Alarms and Alarm history
  • Correlated Trend Graphing
    • RTU and OAT Temperatures
    • Economizer States
    • CO2 and Damper
    • CC1,CC2 and Fan Amperage

RTU Add Ons:

  • 0-10V Output for DCV Control
  • 0-10V Gold Stick Sensor
    • Temperature, Humidity, Dewpoint
  • 0-10V PressurePro

Sites Virtual Manager


  • See Real Time Data and Control RTUs
  • Dashboard for each site and equipment at the site
  • Alarms and Alarm History
  • Correlated Trend Graph
    • RTU and OAT temperatures, Humidity & Dewpoint
    • Economzier States
    • CO2 and Damper
    • CC1,CC2, Fan Amperage
  • Generate Date Specific Energy Savings and Operational Reports
  • Generate Date Specific Trending Graphs
  • Works With EconomizerPro, ZipPro, TstatPro


  • Outside Air Multi-Sensor
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Dewpoint
  • Wirelessly transmits data
  • Battery or Solar Operated

Packaged in a NEMA waterproof enclosure, this unit provides all the roof top units with necessary outdoor conditions wirelessly



Gold Stick for analog out temperature and humdity

  • Measures Temperature and provides 0-10V Output
    • Temperature Range:  -20 to +150 F
  • Measures Humidity and provides 0-10V Output
    • Humidity Rane:  5 to 100
  • M-12 or RPC Connector options available
  • Adaptor available to  receive data from wireless Outside Air Sensor
  •  Mounting Brackets available