Introducing Air Watch

Better Ventilated Buildings Air = Healthier Tenants.  

AirWatch is a low cost and simple to install real-time room level air quality and ventilation monitor.

The first all-in-one display with visual indication of CO2 and Fresh Air Flow.

Design to reduce the unseen risk factors that impact health and productivity of your occupants.

Understanding CO2 Levels is important.....

The effect of poor indoor air quality has been known for years.  Chronic illnesses, reduced cognitive abilities, sleepiness and increased absenteeism have all been attributed to elevated CO2 levels.

AirWatch provides an easy to understand indication of healthy and unhealthy CO2 particulate counts.

.............But CO2 is NOT ENOUGH !

Its about moving those Air Particulates Out!

AirWatch is the only monitor that tells you if the air in the space is moving in - or out.

If the space is positively pressurized, the air - and particulates - are being squeezed out.

If the space is neutral or negatively pressurize - the air is stagnant - and those particulates are hanging around.

AirWatch provides an easy indication for your space air movement.  If the LED IS BLUE the air in the room is moving out.


AirWatch Components

                                                     Low cost                                                      Easy to Install - does not require a HVAC Technician                                         Easy to  Set UP, uses your mobile device


No Tubes No Wires. 
No fishing wires through the wall.  No conduit to install.
Designed for easy retrofit!


No Panels No Buttons.
No complicated menus and buttons.
Low cost & easy installation .


Wizard Based Set Up
& Commissioning.

Take the guess work out of the installation.


Indoor Unit

Packaged for indoor applications.  Upgrade options for additional Sensors available.    The platform is powered by 24V acdc so mounting new a thermostat allows for easy access to power.  Measures 3 inches square.

Outdoor Weather Station

One Outdoor Weather Station can provide data to all the Indoor Displays within radio contact.

Designed to be placed on the roof and incumbent weather.

This entire housing can be put into a radiation shield, as shown below, or mounted within a Roof Top Unit.

Absolute Pressure
Differential Pressure Tubed or Wireless
Particulate Matter
Temperature and Relative Humidity


In Room Display

  • Simple to Connect to Weather station.
    • Wi-Fi direct, does not use building Wi-Fi network
    • No additional network gear required
  • High data integrity and security of all devices
  • Continuously calculations in Room Air Pressure
  • Self Calibrates
  • FCC Certified
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in US

Weather Station

  • Continuously measuring Outdoor Air Conditions
  • Continuously sends data to the Display

Set Up and Commissioning

Made Easy

XCSpec Devices App

We use the radio on our units to communicate with your mobile device to aid the installation. This APP provides a wizard based set-up and installation of our systems.  If you are already familiar with the process - go direction to our Advanced Page and edit any particular function.

  • Set Up page:  Configure from 1 to 4 In space sensors to the Controller.
  • Live  Data Page lets you verify Transmitter set up by seeing and Sensor data on both the Controller and attached sensors.
  • FAN Commissioning page is used if your Controller is connected to a Fan or other VFD driven equipment.  This page allows you to set up the FAN and perform a manual test to verify Fan installation.
  • Space Calibration  helps balance and measure air flow through your system and suggests commissioning parameters based on points derived during the test.
  • System Commissioning page allows you to Confirm or Modify the system set up and commission parameters.
  • While use with a  Cloud is NOT Mandatory, the Network set up page lets you easily confirm the Controller to a Wi-FI access point to initiate communications with a cloud..
  • Decommissioning or restoring factory defaults is done with a single button selection.

Cloud Dashboard

Store, Analyze and Retrieve Sensor data anytime, anywhere




Your cloud needs vary - from observation of all your devices in a building, to analytics of performance through control of individual devices.  Including CSV delivery of the data.