Building Pressure Management

Better Ventilated Buildings Air = Healthier Tenants.  Managing your buildings Exhaust or Make up air is critical to the building ventilation.  Properly pressurized buildings can save energy costs and improve physical security of the building.

Our Pressure Watch Pro system manages the pressure in your building. Designed to work with a variable speed exhaust or intake air fan, our patented tubeless pressure management solution acts like a thermostat - holding the designated pressure set point by controlling the Fan.  

EASY INSTALL - Up to four wireless pressure sensors are installed in the tenant space - requiring  no tubes, wires or conduit.  The Smart Controller receives data from the sensors and uses an embedded PI controller to modulate the fan.

Air Quality In Buildings

Air Quality, now more than ever, is important to the health of your buildings.  Particulate matter with a diameter of  2.5 microns or more can enter human lungs causing a variety of health issues.  High CO2 is an indicator for the density of people in a particular area.

The Air Watch Pro is designed to watch the air quality in your building and help you manage  your building for noxious particulates and  CO2.  The wireless sensors communicate to a damper on the Root Top Unit to allow more fresh outside air into the buildings.

When coupled with the Pressure Watch Pro managing an exhaust fan on your Economizer - you can be assured of fresh moving air in your building during occupied hours.

Based on XCSpec Wireless indoor sensors and Smart Controllers, the Air Watch Pro is an EASY RETROFIT for you buildings roof top units.


Air Filter Change Notification

Air Quality and Ventilation is only as good as the filter the air is passing through.  Clogged and dirty filters waste energy.

Our easy to install wireless filter watch system notifies you when the filter needs to be replaced.  Easy to install on the Roof Top Unit, this system saves money and keeps tenant healthier.



No Tubes No Wires. 
No fishing wires through the wall.  No conduit to install.
Designed for easy retrofit!


No Panels No Buttons.
No complicated menus and buttons.
Low cost & easy installation .


Wizard Based Set Up
& Commissioning.

Take the guess work out of the installation.


Multi-Sensor Platforms

Indoor Plug & Play Sensor Platform

Packaged for indoor use easily added to our off the shelf controllers to thermostat.  Sensor  heads, as shown in yellow outline in figure below, are on a connector and easily field upgraded and changed.  Plug in one sensor or all five.  The platform is powered by 24V acdc so mounting new a thermostat allows for easy access to power.  A barrel plug is available to use a 110 plug in transformer.  Depending on the sensors configuration, battery operation is available.

Only Tubeless Differential Pressure Sensor Available!

Outdoor Sensor Wireless or Cabled

Designed to be placed on the roof and incumbent weather.  The outdoor sensor is packaged in housing with filter around sensor head.  This entire housing can be put into a radiation shield, as shown below, or plugged directly into our controller.   This package is available for the temperature/humidity or absolute pressure sensors.  Battery operation for the temperature/humidity is available.

Absolute Pressure
Differential Pressure Tubed or Wireless
Particulate Matter
Temperature and Relative Humidity


Powerful Controls that are optimized for Size, Cost and Functionality

Thermostat Dashboard

Our Smart Thermostat acts as a indoor Dashboard and Hub for in space sensors.  Up to 4 external Sensors can be configured onto the Thermostat hub - CO2, Temp/Humidity, Pressure.   Thermostat can be configured to display sensor data or send to cloud.  If WiFi penetration between sensors and Roof Top Controller is not possible, and Over-The-Wire (OTW) feature can be used to modulated sensor data from inside the building to the roof top controller.

Smart Controllers

These multiple input/output controller can be used in a lot of different applications - from controlling dampers to variable frequency drives.  Discrete Inputs can be configured as triggers to enable outputs.  Power is an isolated 24 volt Class 2 input.  Supports embedded PI function that can be used on output.  Antenna can be removed to attach external to RTU.  ModBus interface to hook up with building BAS.

♦  2 heat/2 cool
♦  7 Day/ 5+1+1 program
♦  Economizer Ready
♦ Displays Econ Alarm
♦  Lock
♦  OTW to Controller
♦  Wi-Fi

♦  Two 0-5/10V Outputs
♦  Two 0-10V Inputs
♦  Modbus or Serial
♦  Four Discrete I/Os
♦  I2C Sensor Bus
♦ Wi-Fi
♦  Embedded PI


In Building Transmitters

  • Continuously measures sensor data.
  • Continuously sends sensor data to the Receiver
    • In this case over Wi-Fi direct.
      No additional Networking equipment required.


  • Continuously measuring sensor data
  • Continuously Receiving data from the Transmitter
  • Based on the Controller function, the Controller's
    output drives the equipment under control.
  • All Controllers can be configured with
    Proportional - Integrative (PI) smoothing algorithm.

Set Up and Commissioning

Made Easy

XCSpec Devices App

We use the radio on our units to communicate with your mobile device to aid the installation. This APP provides a wizard based set-up and installation of our systems.  If you are already familiar with the process - go direction to our Advanced Page and edit any particular function.

  • Set Up page:  Configure from 1 to 4 In space sensors to the Controller.
  • Live  Data Page lets you verify Transmitter set up by seeing and Sensor data on both the Controller and attached sensors.
  • FAN Commissioning page is used if your Controller is connected to a Fan or other VFD driven equipment.  This page allows you to set up the FAN and perform a manual test to verify Fan installation.
  • Space Calibration  helps balance and measure air flow through your system and suggests commissioning parameters based on points derived during the test.
  • System Commissioning page allows you to Confirm or Modify the system set up and commission parameters.
  • While use with a  Cloud is NOT Mandatory, the Network set up page lets you easily confirm the Controller to a Wi-FI access point to initiate communications with a cloud..
  • Decommissioning or restoring factory defaults is done with a single button selection.

Cloud Dashboard

Store, Analyze and Retrieve Sensor data anytime, anywhere




Your cloud needs vary - from observation of all your devices in a building, to analytics of performance through control of individual devices.  Including CSV delivery of the data.