Thermostat with CO2

The first affordable utility patent designed COMBO Thermostat to:

     > Directly visualise and control your Indoor Air Quality
          > Real time green, amber, and red indicators you can see across the room
          > Understand and adjust air quality with real time CO2 indicators
          > Automatically adjust air flow to meet desired expectation

     > MOBILE APP: SCAN QR code to provide an understanding of IAQ

CO2 Levels are important

The effect of poor indoor air quality has been known for years.  Chronic illnesses, reduced cognitive abilities, sleepiness and increased absenteeism have all been attributed to elevated CO2 levels.

AirWatch provides an easy to understand indication of healthy and unhealthy CO2 particulate counts.

But knowing your CO2 levels is NOT ENOUGH


The Only Thermostat that provides Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) to an HVAC unit based on CO2 levels:
> WIRED OUTPUT: 0-10V output based on CO2 PPM levels
> CONTROL: User Configurable PPM HIGH and LOW Range
> INTEGRATES WITH: Economizer DCV Input OR directly to Indoor Air Actuator

**** This product is designed to reduce the unseen risk factors that impact health and productivity of your occupants.

Monitor and Control your HVAC to let Fresh Healthy Air in!

ΔQ Thermostat supports DCV directly based on measured CO2 in the tenant space.

      > INSTALL: 0-10V output from the thermostat is modulated based on CO2 ppm
      > CONTROL: Let in fresh air based on high CO2 ppm count by wiring and economizer or air damper

Monitor and Control Unhealthy Air Flow

Measuring a lot of unhealthy high CO2 particle counts?
> The ΔQ System dynamically increases outside fresh air to the room based on the CO2 count from the monitor

Seeing a lot of unhealthy stuff hanging in around in air?
> The ΔQ System actively "Pulls" unhealthy air out of  of the space based on the pressure measured at the monitor

Indoor AQ Measurement

Use the AQ Thermostat to:
Collect and gather information important to the health of the indoor environment.
The At-A-Glance Display keeps you informed for changes that need to be made.

Outdoor AQ Measurement

Outdoor AQ
Collects outdoor air information INCLUDING Smoke Particles.
Only requires one Outdoor station per building.
Use with an economizer to Stop smokey air into your building!

Upgrade HVAC Controls

HVAC Controls
Controls Fresh Air Input and Output Exhaust.
Three output controls in One small low cost package.
All 24 Vacdc wiring!

Get Room Space Conditions

By Scanning the QR Code on the unit

Use Our XCSpec Device App

We use the radio on our units to communicate with your mobile device to aid the installation and see the real time data. Just SCAN the QR code and see:

  • PPM Display: View to see the current parts per million reading
  • Demand Control: Delivers input air damper display
  • Room Pressure: Real time space pressure measurements relative to outside air pressure
  • DCV Alarm: Receive and  alert if the system has measured 5 consecutive days over 1,100 ppm
  • PPM Values: Delivers the highest PPM value in each of the last 5 days