Better Ventilated Buildings Air = Healthier Tenants.  

A low cost COMBO air and ventilation in door air quality monitor.
The first all-in-one display with visual indication of CO2 and Positively Pressurized Space Conditions.

Easy to install Outdoor air quality monitor.
Measures Outdoor Air Pressure, Temperature, Humidity and Smoke Particulates.

HVAC Controls based on information from indoor and outdoor sensors.  
Let in Fresh Air when Indoor Quality Poor.  Exhaust Stale Air to assure air is flowing.
Close indoor air input when Smoke is detected in the air

Design to reduce the unseen risk factors that impact health and productivity of your occupants.

Compare before and after air quality - and start breathing easier and deeper!

Understanding CO2 Levels is important.....

The effect of poor indoor air quality has been known for years.  Chronic illnesses, reduced cognitive abilities, sleepiness and increased absenteeism have all been attributed to elevated CO2 levels.

AirWatch provides an easy to understand indication of healthy and unhealthy CO2 particulate counts.

.............But CO2 is NOT ENOUGH !

Its about knowing that Fresh Healthy air is moving in!

ΔQ is the only monitor that tells you if the air in the space is moving in - or out.

If the space is positively pressurized, the air - and particulates - are being squeezed out.

If the space is neutral or negatively pressurize - the air is stagnant - and those particulates are hanging around.

AirWatch provides an easy indication for your space air movement.  If the LED IS BLUE the air in the room is moving out.


Monitor for Unhealthy air ---->  Add Controls for healthy air

Measuring a lot of unhealthy high CO2 particle counts?  --->  ΔQ System dynamically increases outside fresh air to the room based on the CO2 count from the monitor.                                       

Seeing a lot of unhealthy stuff hanging in around in air?   ----> ΔQ System  actively "Pulls" unhealthy air out of  of the space based on the pressure measured at the monitor.

Start by Measuring Indoor AQ

In-Door AQ. 
Collect and gather information important to the health of the indoor environment.
At-A-Glance Display keeps you informed.

Add Outdoor AQ measurement

Outdoor AQ
Collects out door air information.  Packaged for out-of -door weather.
Only one Outdoor station per building.
Use with an economizer and see more savings!

Upgrade HVAC Controls

Breathe Healthier.
Controls Actuators, Supply Fans VFDs and Power Exhausts.
One small low cost package required per Roof top unit.
All 24 Vacdc wiring!


  • Simple to Connect to AQ .
    • Wi-Fi direct, does not use building Wi-Fi network
    • No additional network gear required
  • High data integrity and security of all devices
  • Continuously calculations in Room Air Pressure
  • Self Calibrates
  • FCC Certified
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in US

  • Continuously measuring Outdoor Air Conditions
  • Continuously sends data to the Display

Get Room Space Conditions

Just Scan the QR Code on the unit

XCSpec Devices App

We use the radio on our units to communicate with your mobile device to aid the installation and see the data.   Just SCAN the QR code and see:

  • PPM at that moment:  Tells you the exist parts per million reading.
  • Demand Control Setting:  Tells you setting on the input air damper
  • Room Pressure at that moment: Tells you the measured space pressure relative to outside air pressure.
  • If there is an active DCV alarm:  If the system has measured 5 consecutive days of over 1,100 ppm, it will alert you.
  • Last 5 days highest PPM values:  The recorded highest PPM value in each of the last 5 days.