Designed and Engineered to be:

                              • User Friendly

                              • Low cost – IoT Electronics 

                              • Stand Alone – Cloud NOT mandatory

                              • Email Alerts and Alarms                               

                              • Easy to Install – Low voltage                        

                              • Easy to  Set Up –  uses your mobile device

                              • Reliable –  uses highly reliable electronic components

                              • Remote Support –  Over The Internet Upgrades

XCSpec Family of products are composed of:

Communicating Sensors

No Tubes. No Wires.

No fishing wires through the wall.
No conduit to install.

Designed for easy retrofit!

Smart Controllers

No Panels.  No Buttons

No complicated menus.
No up/down buttons

Lowering Unit Costs!

Mobile Apps

Smart Phone based Set Up & Commissioning

Take the guess work out of the installation