The AQ Thermostat combines climate control with indoor air quality control resulting in an innovative new platform designed specifically for tenant health and comfort.

Temperature, Humidity and CO2 are continuously measured.  Optional measurement of volatile gases (VOCs) is available.  The thermostat display is large and easy to read and includes the CO2 ppm.

The AQ Thermostat simplifies how tenants/teachers or parents can see and understand of indoor air quality of the room while they are in the space.

By scanning the QR code on the front panel, ppm is displayed on EPA approved scale.  Info buttons on the app provide the user with an understanding of IAQ and how it impacts our health.

Wired output from the thermostat can be used to enable Demand Based Ventilation directly from your HVAC system.

Occupancy is determined through both a schedule and then adapted through a learning algorithm based on measured CO2 trending.  Front panel button can be pressed to manual force into occupied mode.



AQ TstatPro’s thermostat functionality is designed for in space climate comfort: 

       2 Stage Heat and Cool, Fan
       Cool/heat cross over, heat pump
       Heat, Cool or Auto Changeover
       7 Day schedules with 2 or 4 Periods
       Partial or full keypad lock out
       Pre-Occupancy Space Conditioning

AQ TstatPro’s Indoor Air Quality functionality is designed for Healthy Air Quality:

        CO2 continuously measured
        Records last 7 day highest CO2 readings
        Humidity is continuously measured
        Optional:  Volatile Gases index display 
        Automatic Background calibration on CO2
        Automatic Altitude Adjustment  

AQ TstatPro’s Indoor Air Quality is observable in the room:      
          CO2 parts per million (ppm) displayed on front panel
          Scanning QR code on front panel displays additional information

                > CO2 ppm is display on EPA approved range with explanations on what it means
                > Displays last 7 days highest CO2 value

AQ TstatPro’s Occupancy Learning Algorithm:

     •   Occupancy Schedule has inpuT
     •   If higher CO2 is measured, the unit will switch to occupied set point
     •   Push Button on Front Panel will switch thermostat to occupied set points

     •   Thermostat “learns” from high CO2 occupancy schedule and adapts as necessary

AQ TstatPro’s Demand Ventilation Control:

     •   During Occupied Times, AQ TstatPro will drive a 0-10V Demand Ventilation output.
     •   Demand Ventilation modulation is based on ppm high and ppm low parameters and measured CO2 ppm.

     •   Output can be wired to economizer controller input or directly to a fresh air input actuator.
     •   When connected directly to an actuator, control algorithm works with the thermostat relay states to set air damper.