HVAC Air Quality Controls

Powered Exhaust Control based on pressure

  • Powered Exhaust Control
    • Receives indoor pressure from ΔQ Indoor wirelessly
    • Receives outdoor pressure from attached Sensor
    • Optional:  Receives pressure from ΔQ Outdoor
    • Measuring Range:  0……4000 [Pa]
    • Set Point Range:  -500 Pa to +500 Pa (-2” wc to +2” wc) 
    • Multi-Zone Pressure Control
    • 0-10V Output with PI Control
    • Continuous Self Calibration
    • High Accuracy within +/- 2 pa (.008 wc

Demand Control Ventilation based on CO2

  • Demand Controlled Ventilation Controls based on indoor CO2
    • Based on PPM Readings from ΔQ Indoor
    • Measuring Range:  0……5000 ppm
    • Output Damper Control Range:  400 – 5000 ppm
    • Rate Of Change Control over Damper
    • 0-10V/ 2-10V Configuration
    • Manual Test of Damper Control
    • Multi-Zone DCV Control
    • Receive inputs from up to 4 ΔQ indoor
    • Installer can “weigh” inputs from zones

Application and Use Cases

The ΔQ Ventilation wirelessly derives pressure differential between a Receiving unit and up to four separate Transmitting units, eliminating the need to run tubes.  The system supports a wide range of differential pressure determination,  from -2 inches of water to +2 inches of water, so there is no need to size the sensor to the application

Installer selects the buildings target pressure.  The system is designed to maintain the specified pressure within 2 pascals  (.008” wc).  When using multiple transmitters, each transmitter  pressure value is added proportionally to
 calculate a resultant differential for the output control.  The system periodically runs self-calibration throughout operation 

The 0-10V output is derived from the differential pressure value and then processed through  a PI function to control external equipment.  The PI parameters are set up by the installer with support from the mobile application.

Easy Installation

Easy Installation saves time and money. No need to run conduit for tubes or wires.

Robust and Reliable

Sensor reliability over 60,000 hours. Field Failures less than 1%

Purchase already installed in MicroMetl Power Exhaust

  • Controller Pre-Wired and Installed
  • Compatible with AirDisplay
  • Supports Both Power Exhaust and DCV controls



Modular and Easy to upgrade

Technical Specifications

Receiver Installation and Wiring

Wiring Diagram


Receiver Dimensions

Outdoor Air Probe Dimension

Probe Housing Brackets

Transmitter Installation and Wiring

Transmitter Dimensions